Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stick 'em Up!

Today, the Princess, Careful, Big Boy and I got stuck up. Before you turn us in for keeping our noses in the air, we are NOT snobs. We went for our flu shots.
Now, I'm not a usually a big proponent of shots with no clear benefit. Take the flu shot for instance. Really, what's the worst that can happen to otherwise hale and healthy individuals without the shot? Getting the flu, spending a few days in bed with a hot drink of your choice and a good book. So, we never had them 'round here before. Now they tell me that we all need the vaccination to protect Bubbles, who is in a high-risk group with all his surgeries, etc.
I went first, to show the kiddies how it goes,and how stoic I can be. It worked for the boys.
There is nothing the Princess wouldn't do for her baby brother. This, though, was a real sacrifice for her and she moaned and groaned the whole way there. When we go there she insisted on being stuck last. And she asked the nurse if why they have not perfected an edible form of the vaccine yet. (News flash, there is a nasal spray, which does not hurt the arm so much. But the pocket, oh, the pocket feels the difference - today's medical attentions were FREE.) She wailed and carried on through the actual ministrations, but quieted as soon as we finished.
Careful sat on my lap for the proceedings, frowning quietly as the nurse closed in and then insisting he earned the whole roll of stickers for his cooperation. We bought him off with soda, which they had conveniently placed on the tea and coffee cart. This maneuver quieted the Princess, who was happy to have a coffee.
Big Boy climbed on my lap following in Careful's footsteps, which is when I noticed a decided aroma. For me to notice any smell means that everyone else in a mile's radius is also being heralded by it. He had his shot just fine, but couldn't wait for the others to finish their drinks and leave. Methinks the diaper situation affected him more than the pinch in his arm did.
And we get to see all the same nice nurses again in a month or so for Bubble's next surgery. They're all looking forward to seeing us again. They were quite impressed with our quiet approach to the whole ordeal.
If it's your first flu shot and you are under nine you have to get two shots, about a month apart. Lucky for me, the boys will need the second dose, but not my sensitive girl. I don't know if I'd be ready for such carrying on any time soon.

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