Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Day Off

[This is an old post that I did not manage to finish in one sitting, so am publishing it now]

Today, we all took the day off to enjoy a visit with our children's paternal grandparents. Grams and Gramps live many thousands of miles away, so we were very excited that they scheduled themselves a stopover in our neck of the woods.
Just how excited were we? Excited enough to keep the kids home from school. That may not sound like much to you, but we value education. (And keeping the kids occupied, and the mess out of the house . . . )

And we value the Momma-sanity that comes with a routine school day. Never say I'm not being honest with you, people. 

We had a rich man's start to the day, heading out for breakfast at ten. The kids raided the fridge and came up with yogurt to snack on in the earlier hours. Careful loves any food in creamy form (milkshake, anyone?) and helped himself to two - one regular, one soy based. The Professor professes an adverse reaction to dairy, and we're trying alternatives, so we have the soy stuff on hand.Whilst we adults breakfasted at a nice cafe, the kids took over all the available floor space for a spirited game of roly-poly. There was so much spirit roy-polying around, some of it could only find release in tears.

Gram and Gramps came, as usual, laden with gifts, carefully chosen to entertain. They did such a good job, the kids were wrapped up in their new swag to the exclusion of the rest of the world. Sporty was so attached to his new Lego helicopter that he opted out of the obligatory Grandparents and Grandchildren outing. That turned out to be a stroke of good fortune as Greystone Manor (aka Doheny Mansion), the beautiful park Daddy intended to shepherd all to, was closed.

A quick stop at home to pack up, and our visitors were off. . .It was a tighter squeeze than expected, and they missed their scheduled flight by 4 minutes. Thank goodness there was another flight about an hour later.

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