Monday, October 7, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Okay. Just in time for a busy holiday and mothering season, my blog started acting up. Things not posting as scheduled, etc. Anyway, I think I've sorted it all out now. I hear you loyal readers (yes, all two of you!) cheer. And that's good, 'cause I've made the executive decision to fast forward a bit, keeping some parts as just headlines, so we can , y'know, get up to speed here, and be writing about current events, not ancient history.
So, we got the okay from all departments to bring our bundle of joy home. Yay!
Then we got hit with the realization that we were waaaaay under prepared for all this. Boo!
We cried.Well, I did. Daddy seemed to have more of the hang of things then, and felt pretty confident that he'd get this down to a twice weekly changing. Boo!
My Mother came to visit uh, takeover, in a very good kinda way. She did everything from cooking to carpools to laundry to candy store visits with the kids. Yay!
We were given the green light to circumcise Baby,and named him. Henceforth he will be known as Bubbles, since blowing bubbles is his favorite form of self entertainment.
G-d sent us an angel in the form of a friend-of-a-friend with a NICU nursing history. Miss S quickly set my fears to rest, watching me change Baby and insisting that I "do it better than some nurses". Yay!
Miss S and our other kids got along so well, that she came a few weeks later bearing exciting gifts for them all. The biggest gift she gave them, of course, is a calm Mommy.
My Mother went home . . . Boo!
But we weren't in the lurch long, as Daddy's parents came and took over in their bountiful way. The kids haven't eaten so much candy and ice-cream in a loooong time. All kids deserve grandparently (hey, I made up a word. My blog, my rules!) spoiling from time to time, right? Right.
So things are settling down into something of a routine, some of which is a gift from the NICU: they put Bubbles on a feed schedule, which frees me up to know when I can tackle laundry and cooking and doctors visits.
Thought we were done with doctors when we left the hospital? Think again. They would not release us until we scheduled follow up appointments with Surgery, Hematology, and Genetics, and of course well visit with Pediatrics.
More on that as we have it!

P.S. I know the blog sounds very Bubbles right now, but we will tell you more about the others now that we've caught up. Promise.

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