Thursday, September 12, 2013

Telling the Kids

When the kids came for their visit, they were shocked to find me with no bassinet in my room. The Professor (aged 10) came up with a shaky solution. "The baby must be in the nursery, right Mommy?" The Princess (aged 8) disagreed "Our babies always stay in Mommy's room with her - they don't go to the nursery." Sporty, (aged 6) just wanted to hold his baby already, so get it quick from wherever you've hidden it. Big Boy (aged 2) and Careful (aged 4) just wanted to hug their Mommy. They were more than happy to see me without a new baby. 

Kids, I explained, Our Baby is not here. Our Baby is not in the nursery either. In fact, our Baby is in a separate part of the hospital. You know how a Mommy has to stay in the hospital for a few days after getting a new Baby, so we can make sure the baby is healthy before going home? I waited for them to nod their understanding and continued. Well, G-d made a surprise in our Baby. He looks just like you do - he has Princess's beautiful reddish hair, Sporty's upturned nose, Careful's mouth and chin, and Professors eyes. We all know that nobody looks quite like Big Boy. But our Baby cannot go to the bathroom like you do - he cannot even use a diaper like Big Boy does. Inside, he has a tube - just like we all do - leading from his tummy to his bottom, to take the dirty stuff out. Only, his tube doesn't go to his bottom, it got a little mixed up inside. So, he's in a special part of the hospital where he can be watched really well and he had an operation. Now the dirty stuff comes out from a special hole in his tummy. Because he had an operation, he can get sick much more easily,so they don't want him to have too many visitors while he's in the special part of the hospital. Can you wait to meet him on Monday, when he comes home? 

They were OK with waiting (phew!) but were concerned I would have to stay that long too. I was flattered to be missed, and reassured them that the hospital doesn't let Mommies stay once they know how to take care of the baby, so I would be coming home Saturday night. 

That was a lot easier than I expected, and the kids took it all in calmly. I wish I could say the same for Daddy and myself!

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